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What is MixshowTOOLS digital record pool?

MixshowTOOLS is a service provided strictly to people in the radio industry in both the CHR and LATIN RHYTHMIC formats who help BREAK NEW MUSIC. The real tastemakers and decision makers, including program directors, music directors, mixshow coordinators DJs and mixers around the country and beyond - apply here.

Once you apply and are approved, we service qualified members with mixshow-friendly edits. Radio DJs and mixers can quickly put the mixshow intros in the mix, and music directors and program directors are quickly able to add the intro version to their regular rotation.

What sets us apart?

Our service was started by radio professionals and DJs, so our focus is promoting to MIXSHOWS and music programmers. Radio mixshows play a huge role in breaking and promoting new music. We service the top DJs and programmers in the country with the hottest ready to mix mixshow intros, so RADIO DJs can put your song in the mix immediately after they get it since it will be in a DJ FRIENDLY format exclusively for radio DJs. Likewise music programmers can also add the song to rotation easily without having to worry about creating a talk-over version.


What we do is give RADIO DJs a very simple to use TOOL that can help break new records, plus provide feedback to the label from the DJs and programmers when requested. This feedback can be a valuable tool to any artist or label for their marketing plan for an artist or single.